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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I can barely meet deadlines but here I am blogging

Because why the hell not. I make a living off of writing. Writing shit I don't want to write about. And if it's something I want to write about it's usually a dumbed down version of what I write about. But those are few and far in between because I want to write about stupid ass things and what I write for does not include stupid ass things, understandably. 

So I'll write about what the stupid ass things that I want because I like it that way and there may be someone (huge emphasis on the "may be") who stumbles upon my blog and reads it and disagrees with it or agrees with it or ignores it (can't blame you too much) and that's fine. It's all good. It's a blog after all. From an insignificant person (in your world, not mine). Who might say things that don't matter shit.

So here we go, here we go. Let the blog times roll.